Alberta announces C$25 million for new home care projects

March 13, 2012

Fred Horne, Alberta's Minister of Health and Wellness, announced that the province would dedicate C$25 million for three new projects that will help seniors age at home, as reported by the Calgary Herald. Specifically, this money will support 440 additional slots for adult day programs, a 24-hour registered nurse hotline and a new Destination Home program to help seniors who are newly discharged from hospitals.

This announcement comes in the wake of recent criticism about how efficiently the province divides its resources among hospital beds, acute care and community care. Alberta has a goal of reducing the capacity of its acute care beds to 95 percent.

"These resources are being targeted in the community to try to keep people who don't need to be in facility care at home, or bring some of them back home who have been waiting in a hospital bed for no other reason than they didn't have the required support to go back to," said Horne, quoted by the news source.

Ann Vaidya of the Alberta Medical Association told the Calgary Herald that one concern she had regarded the province's ability to coordinate the various resources that are available to seniors.

According to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, people aged 65 years and older made up more than 10 percent of Alberta's population in 2010. That proportion is expected to increase to 21 percent by 2036.

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