As part of our continuing commitment to quality to you, we have established close working relationships with several companies who share our passion for providing the highest standards of service. Within the fields of Homecare and Technology, Procura has developed the following strategic partnerships to provide our clients with industry recognized solutions and resources.

3M Health Information Systems
Procura works with 3M Health Information Systems to provide our customers with the 3M™ Codefinder™. The 3M Codefinder Software helps Home Health Agencies manage the complex rules and terminology of ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding, following all the mandated rules, principles, and guidelines. Today, the 3M Coding and Reimbursement System and 3M Codefinder Software are used by nearly 4,200 customers worldwide. 3M Codefinder™ is available to US and Canadian customers.

CareWatch is a telephony based visit management system that collects payroll data, billing data, & complete documentation from your paraprofessional staff. They were chosen as the Preferred Telephony Vendor of Choice by the Visiting Nurse Association of America for their member agencies. CareWatch is available to US customers.

CellTrak Technologies
CellTrak™ provides leading Home Healthcare Agencies with cell-phone enabled, point-of-care automation for field staff. CellTrak is available to US and Canadian customers.

First DataBank
First DataBank, a subsidiary of Hearst Corporation, drives patient safety and healthcare quality by providing drug databases that are used within information systems that touch every aspect of healthcare.  First DataBank is available to US customers.

Honeywell HomMed
Procura and Honeywell HomMed have partnered to provide Home Care agencies with a seamless integration of our Point of Care System and the Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring System. Honeywell HomMed is available to US and Canadian customers.

Incendant's 360° Patient Education Suite improves patient care, satisfaction scores, health outcomes & market share for healthcare facilities of all sizes.

OCS HomeCare
Procura and OCS have teamed up to provide your agency access to interactive assessment benchmarking against the US Home Care Industry's most comprehensive data warehouse, containing over 25 million records across clinical, financial, operational and visit utilization measures. OCS is available to all US customers.

Pixalere Healthcare Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in developing an inter-professional communication tool to chart Wound Care and Ostomy, utilizing best practice.  For the past 11 years, Pixalere has been listening to healthcare professionals in order to learn how, with their input and support, others can best be helped. Pixalere’s extremely powerful and robust “Wound Care Management System” allows for complete and seamless collaboration and communication among point of care nurses, wound care clinicians, physicians and administrators on a remote basis. With over 6000 users and 75,000 wound assessments per month, Pixalere has built their system utilizing input from Key Opinion Leaders in Canadian Wound Care, ensuring incorporation of best practices. Pixalere is available to all Canadian customers.

SecureCARE Technologies, Inc.
Sfax™ is the only secure EFR™ (electronic fax record) with Digital Signature and annotation features that is 100 percent dedicated to the health care industry. SecureCARE is available to all US and Canadian customers.

VNA First
Moving patients with chronic illness from dependent care to independent self-management through a step-by-step approach has been our mission and focus. The VNA First Clinical Pathways have been licensed to over 1,000 agencies in the USA and Canada and are recognized as the standard in the industry. VNA First Pathways are available to US, Canadian and Australian customers.

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